Toilet Pillow Seat Topper

Experience a new level of comfort and luxury with our Toilet Pillow Seat Topper.

Simply place on top of any toilet seat or toilet aid to indulge in a soothing bathroom experience

as the plush cushioning transforms your daily routine into pure relaxation.

Crafted to fit seamlessly, this topper adds a layer of softness and indulgence to your toilet seat.

Toilet Pillow Seat Topper combines comfort and practicality, enhancing both your well-being and hygiene.

Upgrade now and embrace the perfect fusion of relaxation and practicality!


Toilet Pillow Seat Topper

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Washable oval toilet pillow. The Toilet Pillow can be placed over any toilet seat.

Made from two layers of premium foam, encased in medical grade vinyl.

42cm long x 39cm wide x 4cm thick aperture size 20cm x 25cm


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