Sunflower Yellow Padded Toilet Seat

Experience the vibrant charm of our Sunflower Yellow Padded Toilet Seat.

Immerse yourself in luxury as the plush padding transforms your bathroom routine into a soothing experience.

The vibrant sunflower yellow tone adds a cheerful touch, breathing new life into your space.

Designed for easy installation in 5 minutes with the included Nut and Bolt set, this seat elevates your bathroom experience with a cozy and vibrant touch. Upgrade now and embrace the radiance of sunflowers!


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Sunflower Yellow Padded Toilet Seat


Cush’n Soft seats are made to fit the majority of residential toilets. 

The seats measure 44cm long and 39cm wide. The aperture size is 20cm x 25cm.

*Note : Some pans have hidden or blind fittings. This is where the bolts don’t protrude out the bottom of the pan but tighten inside, out of sight. If this is the case with your toilet you would require a hidden fitting set.



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