Your Cush’n Soft product is guaranteed for domestic use only against any defects either in the materials or of the manufacturing process for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase provided it is cared for in accordance with the instructions provided. Damage in transit is also covered.

At Cush’n Soft, customer satisfaction is paramount; if you should have any concerns regarding your purchase please contact Cush’n Soft immediately.

Warning: This guarantee does not cover any defects other than those resulting from normal use.

  • Do not use abrasive or harsh toilet cleaners such as phenol based cleaners.
  • Do not place sharp objects on the seat this may damage the vinyl.
  • Do not stand on the seat or lid
  • Do not sit on the lid
  • Do not use baby trainer seats as it can damage the vinyl

Please note: Cush’n Soft manufactures a Junior Seat especially for the young child.

Warranty is void if the above warnings are ignored.

Please retain your receipt and the warranty card that came with your purchase. In the advent of making a warranty claim, evidence of both will be required. Cush’n Soft will at its discretion repair or replace the product.

If your seat needs to be returned for repairs or replacement, it must be packed in the original tray or similar packaging to ensure its safe return.

For more information please contact Cush'n Soft.

Warranty for Cush'n Soft products sold internationally 

Warranty for Cush'n Soft products sold internationally is as above except for the following:

Due to the cost of international freight, proof of a defective Cush'n Soft product may be shown by sending a picture of the damaged product to info@cushnsoft.com.au If the picture is considered proof of a warranty claim, Cush'n Soft will replace the defective product. All freight costs to send the replacement product will be born by the customer.

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