Will a Cush’n Soft seat fit my toilet?
Both the Standard Cush’n Soft padded toilet seat and the Cush’n Soft Junior fit around 98% of all toilets.

The mounting bolts on these seats can be adjusted to fit pans where the holes are at centerers from 115mm to 165mm.

Some pans have hidden or blind fittings. This is where the bolts don’t protrude out the bottom of the pan but tighten inside, out of sight. If this is the case with your toilet, please contact us.

Will I get value for money?

At Cush'n Soft we take pride in our durable Australian made product. . We use only high quality materials including soft, medical grade vinyls which helps us to achieve our goal of producing a long- lasting product which equals value for money to our customers. Cush'n Soft customers have grown to trust the long-lasting hygienic comfort of their Soft padded toilet seat.

 Only a Cush'n Soft customer understands the therapeutic qualities their soft padded toilet seat offers; bringing comfort and  luxury into their bathroom. Cush'n Soft padded toilet seats are for the whole family to enjoy and use.

Does Cush'n Soft make a soft padded toilet seat for my child?

The Cush'n Soft Junior has been specially designed for the youngest members of your family as they take their first steps away from the potty onto the 'big toilet'. The aperture size has been greatly reduced to instill confidence and independence in your child. It fits 98% of Australian loos and bolts securely onto the toilet pan for extra safety.


Can I purchase a Cush'n Soft padded toilet seat directly from the manufacturer?

Yes you can.

You can either buy on-line or pick-up direct from our Arncliffe factory and save. Cush'n Soft are open 5 days. See our contact us page for phone and address details.


Does Cush'n sell internationally?


Yes. Customers can order through the website, although international freight cannot be calculated there. Email your order with product numbers and description along with your full postal address to cushnsoft@idfstgeorge.org.au a return email will be sent to you with product costs and freight charges for your perusal. Payment can be made via electronic funds transfer.



Are all prices on the web site in Australian dollars?



Yes. All prices show on the Cush’n Soft web site are in AUD and include a 10% Goods and Services Tax applicable only for sales made in Australia. Cush’n Soft website product prices for international sales can be calculated by dividing the product price by 11 and subtracting that amount from the displayed web site price.





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