Children's Toilet Seats

The Cush’n Soft Children’s Toilet Seat has been especially designed for the youngest members of the family as they take their first steps away from the potty to the “big toilet “

The aperture size of the toilet seat has been greatly reduced to instil your child with confidence and independence. Other than the reduced aperture sizes the children’s toilet seat is identical to the standard Cush’n Soft padded seat, including the fitting to the toilet pan.

For those not wishing to dedicate a toilet seat specifically for children’s use, the Cush’n Soft Children’s Toilet Pillow is the ideal option. The children’s pillow also has the reduced aperture size and is simply placed on the seat of any standard toilet. Being portable, it has the advantage of being utilized when travelling or using public toilets

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Model Product Image Item Name Price
#231 Child - Red Back Spider on Almond

Child - Red Back Spider on Almond

  'There was a red back on the toilet seat...'  
AUD $117.80

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