Toilet Seat-Plain Colours

There are 10 standard colours from which to choose, ranging from “Snow White “to “Midnight Black’.

These colours can be mixed and matched to meet customer preferences. Please contact us if you would like your seat made with specific colour combinations.Cush'n Soft padded toilet seats come complete with all fittings.

Model Product Image Item Name Price
101 White


‘The clean freshness of a snow white seat’  
AUD $112.00

102 Royal Blue

Royal Blue

‘A brilliant blue to suit your loo’  
AUD $112.00

103 Almond / beige

Almond / beige

    'Great for heritage styles and bathrooms with timber'  
AUD $112.00

148 Deep Purple

Deep Purple

 'Deep Purple' .    
AUD $112.00

150 Emerald Green

Emerald Green

‘Emerald Green’  
AUD $112.00

151 Burgundy


‘Rich Burgundy’ .  
AUD $112.00

156 Red Chilli

Red Chilli

‘Red Chilli hot and spicy’  
AUD $112.00

157 Sunflower Yellow

Sunflower Yellow

‘Happy Sunflower Yellow’ .  
AUD $112.00

158 Mist Grey

Mist Grey

‘Elegant Mist Grey’  
AUD $112.00

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