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About Us

Cush'n Soft 2000 has been manufacturing soft padded toilet seats in Australia since 1975; supplying to the domestic, aged care and disability markets.

At Cush'n Soft we use only the best quality materials ensuring a long-lasting, hygienic and luxurious product. Hygiene is high on our list of priorities that's why medical grade vinyls are used which not only add safety but also comfort and warmth on those cold winter mornings. Two layers of specially selected foams are sealed within each seat along with a timber base adding superior strength. Cush'n Soft seats come in a range of colours and beautiful prints to suit your bathroom décor.

Cush'n Soft now operates from the Hawkesbury district of Sydney and has released a new range of designs to adorn the lids of these original Australian soft padded toilet seats.

It is the aim of Cush'n Soft to 'tread lightly' upon the Earth. We either reuse or recycle any packing materials generated from the raw materials we buy. We also recycle any scrap created from our manufacturing process. For instance all our scrap vinyl is re-birthed into garden hoses and left over foam is made into carpet underlay.

Our products are recommended for post-operative care, the elderly and of course for all the family. Remember Cush'n Soft, the soft option for the 'best seat in the house.'

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